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SSL protection does not disable all its functions

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When the main SSL / TSL function is disabled, its subfunctions are not disabled, remain active and continue to block banking sites on the obsolete SSL 2.0 protocol
I had to choose each function to find the problem. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the blocking of obsolete protocols blocks the sites.

The essence of the request is to correct the disabling of all functions if necessary, since each function to disable and check the work of sites is difficult.
Sometimes there are problems such that it is better to completely disable the work of the antivirus, but the antivirus leaves everything on and besides the antivirus, everyone thinks that it is something else. And when a large amount of working time is spent, the antivirus is ultimately at fault. its functions are not completely disabled.
If a notice had been added that a site blocking a legacy protocol had been blocked, it would have been much easier to find the problem.





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The behavior is correct. The version of the secure protocol can be determined without actually filtering the SSL/TLS communication which is also why blocking https sites partially work even with SSL/TLS filtering disabled.

When narrowing down an issue , one should try disabling protocol filtering.

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