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Analyzing outbound mail by EMSX 4.5

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I have the next question:

  • Is EMSX 4.5 able to scan outboun traffic on Microsoft Exchange (2010)?

I've been receiving lots of  notifications in some mailboxes of my organization, mails that haven't been send by the users of those mail accounts, so it seems, that somebody, someway, is sending spam in name of us (spoofing).


What are doing to solve this issue is to see the headers of this notifications, an add the ip address where it comes from, to blocked ip's in EMSX and this solves the issue temporarily, but after some days or weeks, the issue occurs again.


So it seems,, that outbound email is not being scanned by EMSX Antispam module, at least in its default configuration.


Any advice will be appreciated.

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   I can certainly help you determine the issues and resolve them. I will need some information from you that will contain confidential information, so I recommend that you send me the data I am asking for via a PM instead of this forum, please.


Please send me:


1. sample of mail that was sent to the user OUTSIDE the organization that seems to be from your organization (save it and attach it, pelase)

2. Please export tothe configuration for EMSX and zip it up and include that as a reply also

3. If you can also use your Mail Tracking tool in the Exchange console to track the messages by subject that you sent (the message from request #1) to confirm 100% that it DID leave your company and is not being spoofed from outside your organisation, that will help significantly also.


Thanks in advance for gathering this data for me,


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