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Maximum concurrent Server tasks (ERA 6.5)

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Due to a SNAFU, I am trying to upgrade/reinstall the agent on three hundred nodes across multiple sites. 

So I created a bunch of server tasks to do this task for me. I have created 4 tasks that each look at a single AD OU of computers. 

Now the question is very simple, how many server tasks can I run at the same time?

And each server task, how many machines can I expect it to do at once? 

I find it very slow. Its seems to do one then wait for it to end or fail then move onto the next. Which is massively painful. 

Any advice or answer here would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks, Andy

Old Engineer

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  • ESET Staff

I can only confirm, that "Remote deployment task" executes installation sequentially. Parallel execution was disabled long time ago, as it caused problems and it often failed on download of installer. Regarding you original question: only one task of this type will be running, even if you create multiple ones, they will be executed one by one, so there is no benefit of creating multiple tasks in this case.

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it would be way faster and easier to :

  • apply new GPO
  • install via some push software for example PDQ deploy (it will install agent instantly)
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