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  1. HI, I am new to MDM in Eset and I have a question. I have created a policy for my new APN certificate as per the KB artilce: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/admin_pol_for_mdc_apns.html It states in assign "Select the device that is hosting the MDM server the policy is targeted on." So I assign this to my MDM appliance? Not clients? Andy
  2. Hi, Due to a SNAFU, I am trying to upgrade/reinstall the agent on three hundred nodes across multiple sites. So I created a bunch of server tasks to do this task for me. I have created 4 tasks that each look at a single AD OU of computers. Now the question is very simple, how many server tasks can I run at the same time? And each server task, how many machines can I expect it to do at once? I find it very slow. Its seems to do one then wait for it to end or fail then move onto the next. Which is massively painful. Any advice or answer here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy Old Engineer
  3. Hi martin, Yes that works!! Thank you!
  4. HI Martin, We have 6.5 ERA Server and the agent is 6.4. To understand this correct, I just need to keep reinstalling from ERA server and agent will get new configuration?
  5. Hi, I have a site that deploy a silent ERA agent install as part of a MDT image build. And this has worked well. However, it would seem that someone restored a old ini file and about 80+ clients are now pointing at a old ERA server that no longer exists and uses certs that that are not trusted. I have tried to use our working ERA server to reinstall the agent using a server task. But it seems that it deploys, but the agents are not showing up. Is there a way of updating the configuration to point at the correct ERA server without having to do anything drastic here? And will a server agent push update the agents configurations? Or can I take the base64 certs from the install_config.ini and build a new ERA server with that CA and get the clients to trust then have a policy on the new server that points them at the correct ERA server? Does anyone have a solution that may help? I seriously do NOT want to walk to each machine and change the agent. Regards, Andy Old Engineer.
  6. HI There, I have rolled out the MDM 7 appliance (CentOS) to a client and we would like to change the certificate to a publicly signed SSL certificate. I can find documentation for changing the cert on Windows, but nothing specific to the appliance and I really dont want to break it. Can someone point me in the direction of installing and changing the certificate here? Regards, Andy Denley Old Engineer.
  7. Hi There, I wonder if a permanent fix has been found for this? My client has the exact same issue. I migrated my clients Eset RA 6.5 Appliance to a new v7 appliance and it was all ok with 6.X Agents. I then upgraded the agents to v7 and they all stopped checking in after a couple of days, and all stopped getting AV signature updates. So far this is effecting about 170 clients The work around is rebooting the virtual appliance. Which is not a good look. Any help would be great!!! Regards, Andy Denley old Engineer...
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