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Possible bug during the upgrade (Web Control)

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Before the upgrade:

- ERA 6.5
- webcontrol is enabled in two policies
- created category group: "Torrent", selected some predefined urlgroup
- created rule: "Torrent (block)", type category based. URL/category: "Torrent" (as above)

Did the upgrade to ESMC 7

the URL/Category value changed to "Not categorized" and blocked some internal websites

This happened after the upgrade, the policies haven't changed by us, and this occured in two policies, symptoms are the same.

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this, maybe somebody could confirm.


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Similar issue today:

client: EES 6.6.2052
Policy fixed (Not categorized->custom category group)

And the client didn't apply correctly the policy. When I requested the current configuration, it showed the "Not categorized" category instead of the custom one.
Tried to:
- switch off the rule. It has been switched off on the client
- create new rule with the custom category group. Client received this new rule, but still with the "Not categorized" group
- created new custom category group, nothing
- updated security components on the client, nothing
Finally upgraded the security product to EES 7, and it works fine.
Until now only one client was affected.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello and thanks for report,

To clarify, this issue is visible in endpoint configuration view or ESMC policy view ?

If it is about endpoint configuration view most likely configuration module was not (yet) updated. (upgrade to EES 7 does the trick as well)


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I mean, I requested the actual policy in ESMC and I saw it differs from what configured for that client with policy.

Today issue: EES 7.0.2073.1, esmc components upgraded, and on the client got this error in chrome: "Your internet access is blocked. etc.   ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED"

The issue has gone after some minutes without changing anything in the policy. 


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  • ESET Staff

That seems to be unfortunate effect of application of v7 policy to product with not up-to-date configuration module.

As products now have (or should have) up to date configuration module (1685.14 on EES v6.5) this issue should not happen again and in case it already happened and product has invalid configuration this should auto-correct with next policy application. (Agent restart or new policy)

Your case with GetConfiguration was most likely caused this way (policy was applied incorrectly on product and You actually saw in requested configuration what product though was correct result of policy application)

Sorry for issues caused.

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