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Locked in phantom account

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I had a tablet stolen with eset installed but not the anti-theft. I was not able to recover it. I bought a new tablet and installed the anti-theft. During the process eset asked me to create a phantom account in my desktop (windows 10). Today I received a warning that one of my devices presented a "suspicious behavior". The problem is my tablet was in front of me and nobody had touched it and I was at the desktop, so the warning could not come from any of those two devices. I assume that somehow my stolen tablet was detected and the program asked me to sign as "lost device", which I did. In 5 minutes my desktop reinitiate and since then I am locked in the phantom account prevented to use my data, to work, to reach any other user account and so on. I entered from my tablet and dismissed that device and nothing happened. I am still not able to use my computer. How can i fix this? 

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Did you log in to my.eset.com and unmarked the device as missing? I reckon that it may take up to several hours for the device to connect with ESET's AT servers to obtain the information about the missing status. Do you have the latest version of EIS 11.2.49 installed or an older one (11.0, v10) ? Is the tablet currently connected to the network via wi-fi or 3G?
Has the device appeared in the AT portal? Didn't you remove it from there without marking it as not missing?

According to the data we have, there's only "Samsung SM-T819Y" registered in the AT portal. Is that the former tablet you lost? It appears to be running on Android so EIS could not have been installed, only EMS (ESET Mobile Security). Please clarify.

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