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SMS & Call Filter Rules Transfer and Block Last Caller Issue

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I've had the Mobile Security app for sometime and enjoy it's protection until recently when I switched providers and phones.   It seems like a real miss to me that there is no way to back up your call blocking rules, that feels like it should be a rudimentary feature. 

So, this question is addressed specifically to ESET and/or their forum representation:  Are there plans to enhance that valuable function with the feature of baking up and transferring call-blocking rules over to a new phone without having to re-type every single one in again.  We've got over 50 numbers in that log and many are blocked on a semi-regular basis.  I can't be alone in this observation.

Additionally, now that we've switched phones and providers, the "Block last caller" button is no longer active after a call comes in.   In the past, after a robo call came in, we'd simply open the SMS & Call Filter tab and hit the "Block last caller" button, but no more.  We've had to start entering them in manually.   Mobile Security has all the appropriate permissions granted to it and specifically that filter set up in the same manner it was on our old phones.  The provider is T-Mobile with an Android based LG V 30.


Update:  I reinstalled the app to no avail.  Testing shows the "Block last caller" function is still inoperable whether I answer or decline the call.

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