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  1. Recently installed ESET Mobile Security through a Premium account on our new LG V60 Android Smartphones and found that Mobile Security's Call Filter function was blocking every call that came through. I can't locate a way to set the default, it only appears to have ways to set a rule to each number that comes through. It seems that the default should be the opposite, allowing calls to come through until a rule is built to block? Searched the forums, but came up empty. What am I missing, is there a setting for this I'm not seeing? Thanks much!
  2. The issues no longer exists as of today. At least currently, the memory utilization has dropped to around 35MB.
  3. Replies: 1 - No, the phone has the latest version of Android. All other apps are updated. 2 - Rebooting makes no difference 3 - I reinstalled the application yesterday and it dropped, but still running at around 90-100MB
  4. So what's the average turn around time for getting legit responses from ESET Support when a ticket is opened on a consumer product? I submitted a ticket last week Thursday, received what amounted to a canned reply on Friday, which didn't come close to addressing my question, resubmitted the question in great detail by replying to the email as instructed directly after receiving and have yet to hear back. Going on one week now without a response.
  5. I just checked the active memory allocation on my LG V30 and found that ESET Mobile Security is utilizing nearly 70% of my phones active memory! This is without running any scans and no browser windows are open. I can't imagine that's normal; is there some kind of optimization that should be done to knock that down?
  6. I've had the Mobile Security app for sometime and enjoy it's protection until recently when I switched providers and phones. It seems like a real miss to me that there is no way to back up your call blocking rules, that feels like it should be a rudimentary feature. So, this question is addressed specifically to ESET and/or their forum representation: Are there plans to enhance that valuable function with the feature of baking up and transferring call-blocking rules over to a new phone without having to re-type every single one in again. We've got over 50 numbers in that log and many
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