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Why the scan pause has disappeared in the version of Nod32 antivirus ?

As the scan makes my system slow and lagging  (is my Windows 7 64 bits Intel Core i7 950 + 24Go RAM not enough ?)  I appreciated the pause feature in the previous version.

Is it hidden or really not existing anymore ?  Why did you delete it ?



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For me it works with v11.1.42. However, I'd strongly recommend upgrading to v11.1.54. Try manually running update and update to the latest version should be offered.


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THanks, I updated and now I have the pause button.

But maybe the pause button doesn't show when it's a scheduled scan ? I'll try to schedule one

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Yes that was the problem : whn a task is scheduled,  we cannot pause it :(

On older version we could... please bring it back !


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