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Configure Apache HTTP Proxy behind corporate proxy

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I want to configure the Eset Apache HTTP Proxy to use our corporate proxy (with authentication) for fetching updates from the ESET-Servers.

I have already tried adding this line to the httpd.conf file:

ProxyRemote * hxxp://user:pass@proxy:80
But then the Apache Service doesn't start anymore.


Can you please help me? Thanks


Best Regards


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3 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Since you already have a proxy in place, why do you want to use also the Apache HTTP Proxy?

I thought this is the internal mirror concept from Eset. I don't want that a few hundred clients must download there signature updates from the internet. 

They should connect to an internal mirror server.

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Install and update files would be cached by the already existing proxy. I've now realized that the existing proxy requires authentication which is an unsupported scenario. Please configure ESET products to use the existing proxy.

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