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Application Excluded but still not running unless i close Eset

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16 hours ago, itman said:

Hybrid-Analysis didn't find anything overly malicious. However, it noted a couple of things:

1. Software signing cert. not valid. VT also noted this.

2. Possible RPC suspicious activities.

3. Flagged this API call; NtQueryValueKey@NTDLL.DLL ValueName - CWDIllegalInDLLSearch

Also of note is VT showed Window's hooking i.e. SetWindowsHook. Did not see this specifically noted in Hybrid-Analysis report.

Since this appears to be income tax software - India based? - I still would be cautious. Remember the Ukraine WannaCry incident?

-EDIT- Also of note:

Unusual Characteristics

Yes it is India based Income Tax software. I am not too tech savvy and this is absolute must for me to run  this a few times daily, what cautions can i take taking into consideration that I have to run this no matter what?

Heard about WannaCry but don't know too much about it.

Guess I am left with no other option than to add it to exclusions and proceed :(


Thanks for your time and help.

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