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I have a 3 user license which expires in 2014.

Can I renew now for the family pack (3pc's +3 Android for 2 yrs) ?

Will I get the balance of my present license added to the 2 years?


Cheers :D

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Hello tricky question  :)


Well, what product is your current 3 user license that expire in 2014 for ?


Like if you have a 3 user license for ESET NOD32 AV, then you cannot renew for a 3 user license of ESS since that is a different product. 


And I believe a license can only be renewed for the same product and same amount of users. Unless you get in touch with customer care or similar to see if they can make some changes, but that is just a guess.

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Also if you activate today through software you will lose the remainder of your license through 2014. It will give you 2 years starting today.

If you call customer service they should be able to extend it, if its all the same products and your current license allows for the upgrade and added license time.

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