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5.x client config


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I have never worked with ESET before, and have inherited a 5.x deployment. The clients (about 125) were deployed via a Dell Kace appliance, and are unaware of the Admin server.

Goal - verify Virus signature date/version of all installations.

I can manually point to server via GUI, but that is not practical here. I was thinking if there was a way to populate the server address to the clients remotely, that would meet the need until we upgrade later this year.

Other alternatives I thought of are, identify a physical file to verify attributes of, ie date created/modified of Virus Definition files. I also tried exporting a registry key ( after manually pointing to the Admin server. But those keys are locked down, and GUID is machine specific anyway.

Any suggestions?

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I would suggest:

1, Installing ERA v6.5 (the all-in-one installer) or deploying an ERA 6.5 virtual appliance.
2, Creating a Live ERA Agent installer and deploying it via GPO. The machines will start reporting to ERA Server.

I'd strongly recommend upgrading Endpoint to the latest v6.6.2072; start with a small group of machines and gradually send a Software install task to the others.

Should you need help in case something is not clear and the online documentation or KB articles cannot answer the questions you might have, feel free to ask.

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