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encrypt file .java

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Files were encrypted by Filecoder.Crysis. Unfortunately, decryption is not possible. We recommend keeping encrypted files in case that decryption will be possible in the future.

We recommend:
- using the latest version of an ESET product and keeping all protection features active
- protecting ESET's settings with a password
- enabling detection of potentially unsafe and unwanted applications
- disabling RDP or hardening it (e.g. by restricting it to specific IP addresses or ranges, allowing RDP only for users who really need it and use a strong password, etc.)
- installing critical patches that are available for the OS, keeping applications updated.

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Any news about Dharma/Crysis with .JAVA files?

I sent email to the address that appears on the screen and they want 0.5 bitcoin :(



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Had to make a brute force like virtual coin mining ...... would it work?
Thousands of computers around the world running the same brute force on a file encrypted in the cloud ......

Sorry my bad english :)

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