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Digmine and Win64/CoinMiner.


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Hello there,

There are news spread about a malware that is using facebook messenger as a vector to infect victims with Digmine, here you have some links as reference: 


I checked the ESET Database latest definition Update 16617 and there's a Win64/CoinMiner listed there, I just would like to know if this update covers this new malware detection.

Thanks in advance.

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It should be Win32/TrojanDownloader.Autoit.OJA trojan.

I wouldn't worry about CoinMiners or malware being sent via FB messages since the user must explicitly click the file to open/run it. More worrying is malware or CoinMiners that are run through malwaretising. For instance, yesterday we encountered a brand new variant (detected by ESET's javascript scanner) that was loaded by certain pages on the website of the Slovak Railways. Although it was a link to a legitimate ad server, in fact the ad contained a redirect to a server with the coin mining script. The same script has been seen to be loaded also on a lot porn sites.

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