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ESET Internet Security won't update

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Hello, I've been an paying ESET Smart Security user for a number of years now. Last week I was told by an ESET employee (I'm guessing) on their Facebook page that in order to keep my program updated that I need to download ESET Internet Security, which is what I did and it installed without any errors.

A few days ago, upon opening up ESET IS, it alerted me that there was a "product update available" . I clicked on the "update product now" (in the update section of EIS) and it was downloading some "passwordmanagerinstaller", it download the update and everything looks normal, until I reboot or even just wait a few minutes later, then I still get the "product update available" message and the "update product now" button showing.

I am not sure what is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this lately?

Thank you in advance,

ESET Problem 1.JPG

ESET Problem 2.JPG

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Please collect logs with ESET Log Collector in case we'll need it for analysis. Then uninstall EIS and install the latest version from scratch. EIS should not download the Password manager since it's only a part of ESET Smart Security Premium (ESSP).

If you attempt to change the installed product, are you offered ESSP as well?

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