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  1. Not sure where you came to the conclusion that I didn't have enough in my account to cover the transaction. I had more than enough to renew my ESET License, I'm not that dense. JFC
  2. Hello, thank you for your reply. For what it's worth, I travel regularly (at least a couple times a year) to visit friends and family that live in the Philadelphia, PA area and have had no problems using my Canadian debit card at various stores and even restaurants (Not to mention I ordered things from the US Amazon site and never had any problem. I apologize if I'm repeating myself here, but when calling up my bank's customer service (TD CanadaTrust) and having them look into the issue, even they are stumped as to why my card isn't being charged. I don't know much about the internal dealin
  3. I double and triple checked my debit card info to make sure everything I was entering was correct. I did call ESET customer service one last time and after giving the Rep. my debit card info and billing address (which is Canadian), I was told by the Rep. that they have problems with Canadian debit cards..... Why? It's still 16 legit numbers, has an expiry date and a CVV code on the back of the card, so what is the problem?? I just find it asinine that in 2021 there are companies (for example ESET) who haven't joined the Paypal bandwagon. It would make a lot less headaches out there for so
  4. I Would be nice if ESET would setup into the 21st century and allow users to use their Visa/Mastercard debit cards to renew their ESET products online!! I've never had a problem until a couple years ago. Makes me rethink my antivirus options after using ESET for over a decade
  5. Hello, I've been an paying ESET Smart Security user for a number of years now. Last week I was told by an ESET employee (I'm guessing) on their Facebook page that in order to keep my program updated that I need to download ESET Internet Security, which is what I did and it installed without any errors. A few days ago, upon opening up ESET IS, it alerted me that there was a "product update available" . I clicked on the "update product now" (in the update section of EIS) and it was downloading some "passwordmanagerinstaller", it download the update and everything looks normal, until I reboot
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