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How secure is my license information: Encryption and 2FA


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Hi folks!

There are two things I am wondering about since registrating my new license.

First: After entering my license code to activate Eset on my computer, I realized that Eset is sending license information (license code, public id, username and password) via email unencrypted! So technically this email with my personal data could be easily compromised and read by others. I am pointing at that because nowadays even  WhatsApp chats are encrypted.

Second: After signing on my.eset.com to manage my license, I realised there is no two-factor authentication available. Regardless of using a strong and unique password, this is obviously another big missing security feature. I can manage some serious stuff on my.eset.com (release or change licenses, anti-theft, parantel control) so in my opinion adding another security layer should be taken for granted.

Ho do you think about it? How important is encryption and securing account information to you?


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