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Very big log files


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One of the users complained about lack of storage on her mac mini. I've found out that there are 16Gb of .dat files in /Library/App.Supp/ESET/esets/logs, there were 3-4 files with name ndl+lots of numbers.dat, I put them to Trash.

This week I've checked the same folder and there were 1 small(56bytes) and 1 big(4Gb) ndl.dat files.

I did some research and found out that such files are created when I start the manual scan in Endpoint security. The longer it scans, the bigger file is. The problem is ones a week we have planned full scan.

The problem occurs only on one device, others are fine.

Can you help me with a solution?

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12 minutes ago, Marcos said:

First of all, I'd suggest making sure that you don't have logging of all scanned files enabled.

log files settings are default, i've re-check it, and i can't find suck checkbox.

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Problem is still unsolved:-(
Scanning takes a long time and creates huge log files. I've tried to change some loge settings, but it looks like settings don't affect this ndl logs.

Any suggestions?

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