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  1. I want to install antivirus on Fedora through ERA, but it failed with "SoftwareInstallation: Failed to install binary package '/tmp/6dc3-4e30-165c-c4e5/ueavbe_x86_64_enu.linux' with exit code: 64, stdout: , stderr:". Can you tell me what is the reason for the error? Also, I want to download the distributive from the official page, but I was asked for login and pass which I don't have since I use ERA. No such authentification need for Mac and Windows distributives.
  2. Hello @Peter Randziak, We were provided with the new version of Endpoint, according to Eset Support it should solve our issues. Currently, we are testing it. If the issue persists, I'll send logs to you. Thank you.
  3. I've installed it by the advice from Eset support about 10 days ago, it didn't help.
  4. For a few weeks, two our Mac users(about 40) experienced random system hangs, it lasts from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Both users had ESET Endpoint Security 6.5.432.1, then we updated it to 6.5.600.1, it doesn't help. Both of them has MacOs 10.13.4. Freezes may start anytime, no time or application pattern was noticed. There can be one or no freeze during the day, as well as 3-5. If the user turns off Real-time protection all freezes disappear. I've contacted with Eset support, but so far nothing useful was suggested. Maybe someone had the same problem?
  5. Hi, There is any way to see the list of updates, that are not installed? If not it would be great to have such details, especially for Mac OS, cause sometimes we have such warning even if it is some minor update.
  6. Hello Description: more details(history) about computer object Detail: it would be great to have more details about computer objects such as object history(when it was created, what was the previous hostname, etc).
  7. btw, any terms when ERA v7 will be released?
  8. How critical is to upgrade Endpoint client?(Most of our workstations work with 6.6.2046.0) Is it possible to do it automatically, when the new version appears? And is it ok to run upgrade task for all outdated clients simultaneously?
  9. Few users complained that their laptops that have been slept for some time(night mostly) were discharged for half battery capacity and even more. They blame antivirus for it. I've done some experiment and noticed that MacBook Air that was left asleep for 24 hours lost about 65% percent of a charge. Without antivirus, for the same time, it lost about 20%. Can we set up antivirus somehow that it wouldn't consume some much energy when a laptop is on battery?
  10. Thank you. I'll try to use Wireshark. Can you tell me how to specify update server in settings? I've tried, but always same "bad link to update server"
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