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McAfee scam


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While trying AGAIN to cancel my McAfee acct (been trying to cancel for years but they just keep billing me) a "service tech" took control of my computer and was going through parts of my computer I don't think he had any need to be in.  I am now concerned that there might be a program hidden in my computer to allow him access.  Will ESTET detect if this threat exists?  If not do they have an option to help me determine if there actually is a threat and remove it if so?


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It's hard to tell because there's no security solution that would detect 100% of threats. I'd suggest enabling detection of potentially unsafe applications and running a full disk scan.

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As a McAfee user who has subscribed...unsubscribed...and subscribed again, I am confused as to why you've been paying "...for years..." for a service you don't want. 

It's easy enough to stop McAfee and any other service simply by requesting your bank, employer or card provider to issue you another card with a different number on it.  Just explain the situation.  Yes, it might cost you a few dollars but at least you won't be held hostage to a payment and service you no longer want, costing you more money in the long run.     

Or simply have the bank place a 'stop payment' order on anything that comes in from McAfee. 

Having a 'stop payment' order with your bank will also mean that McAfee won't receive any PayPal payments if your PayPal account is connected to your bank.   

In this day and age, there's no reason to have to keep paying for something you don't want.  Sure, you'll be a little inconvenienced from a few days to a couple of weeks or so but the problem with McAfee will stop.

(You might want to consider paying for things online with a generic debit card that you're in control of loading the money onto, bypassing long-term problems.)

Hope the above information helps. :)  

I've allowed McAfee service techs to take control of my computer twice because I did not have the knowledge of what to do, myself, and never had a problem with 'sabotage' in any form.  

Based on my personal experiences, Social Media offers a greater threat to having my computer 'hacked' than a service technician.  If a  McAfee service tech illegally hid a program inside anyone's computer, allowing him access at any time, this could seriously damage McAfee's reputation and revenues for a very long time.  



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