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Generate New PC Validation Code: Poor UX using GOLD ESET 1 yr protection card


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I made a mistake. I chose Mac instead of PC.  I went back to correct my mistake, but the ESET site says the validation code is already registered (what ever that means). No way to correct the mistake. Background: At work, an ESET representative gave out free gold aluminum ESET 1 yr protection cards, with a validation code on the back. Expected Result: Validation Code is registered upon the validation of the installation, and/or when ESET is successfully installed.  I need the PC version.  What do I do, other than vent here? (sighs) 


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If you have received a license, it will most likely work for both PC and Mac. If not, please contact ESET LLC as that 1year protection card is a kind of special promotion in North America.

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