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ESA without internet connection

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Dear ESET,

My customer's environment no internet connection (both servers and clients), however they are interest in ESA to protect client Windows login. Is there any way to install and use ESA without internet connection? Please advise




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  • ESET Staff

Hi there

ESET Secure Authentication needs internet connection to be fully functional (during setup, license activation,  user provisioning, Push authentication, SMS OTPs) but there is an option to choose authentication method such as generating OTPs in ESA mobile app (after provisioning of users which needs connection) or use of hardware tokens in offline environments. So if you are able to have it online during installation. activation, provisioning of users (in the case of mobile app) and then put it in offline state, it should work.

If you are not able to keep it online during the initial steps,  please contact ESET support directly to discuss what and if there are other options for the customer.



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