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Eset Smart Security 7 Hitman Pro/Malwarebytes free

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I may have asked this in another post.Will these two on-demand scanners be efficient enough to work alongside eset smart security 7.Free versions only.Didn't want to overkill.Thank you very much.I am running windows 7/64 bits.Lenovo   

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Hi Chris :)


Yes they will just fine.


You can actually have how many on-demand (second opinion) scanners that you like, as long as they are on-demand scanners they shouldn't cause any conflicts with ESET at all. 


So having 5 different on-demand scanners sitting on your desktop shouldn't cause any problems. Like an example.


But IMO you're fine with just HitmanPro and Malwarebytes.

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Thank you very much SweX for a good and helpful response.

You're weclome Chris. 


FYI Malwarebytes is the only on-demand scanner that I currently use

(always clean because of ESET and good habits ), but If I would start using another one then I would chose Hitman Pro.  Maybe I rely too much on ESET having just one on-demand scanner  :P

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Emsisoft emergency kit :)

Thanks Janus

Cleaned a rootkit off a computer today that TDSS killer didnt see. o.O


Sorry for not answering your feedback, but have not be on the forum as much I  like to. Nice to see that you like this tool, and your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks Arakasi (and a kudos to you)


Have a great day, regards Janus :-))

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