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Hi to all comunity!

I want to know how is the correct way to enable googlemaps in all of my users pcs using an url block policy with era...

The issue is because in my company we are only enabling some pages and googlemaps is a must but using in the Policy configuration options -> web and email -> web access protection -> url adress administration -> Adress list.

In the Blocked Url we have http//:*, https//:* and www.*

And for the Allowed Url adresses i put for googlemaps: *.google.com.ar./maps/* (i have this adress because im from Argentina and the domain adress of google maps is that url if i need to modify the url plz let me know!).

The issue is that ESET Era is blocking that url and i cant have access to that site...

If someone can help me it will be much appreciate it.


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