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Web Access and Anti-Phishing not enabled

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I have one computer that i cannot get this to enable on. All other computers have no issues with this. Eset was not upgraded on this machine. Eset was uninstalled and then 6 was installed. I haven't yet tried uninstalling 6 and re-installing but for what it's worth, the one thing about this machine that is different from the others is that it is used as a kiosk and runs a program called Internet Explorer Lockdown. IE lockdown was disabled while I removed the old version of eset and installed the new one but those two modules in Eset will not turn on no matter what I do (and this is with IE lockdown still turned off). When I try to enable them my only option is Permanently Disable. There is no option to enable. How do I fix this? Is there a log file somewhere that will show what is happening?

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To start off, please provide me with ELC logs as well as with the output from the attached tool. Run the tool as an administrator with the following syntax and provide me with log.txt:

EpfwWfpRegV10.1.2.exe /unreg
EpfwWfpRegV10.1.2.exe /reg > log.txt


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Registering callouts and filters through BFE.
Detected product with firewall: no
Detected Windows version: 0x601
Detected product "eea", version: 6.5.2107.1
FwpmTransactionCommit0 error 0x1a91
Added 32 (0) filters, 16 callouts, 3 sublayers, 1 providers.
Exit status 0x1a91: Transaction support within the specified resource manager is not started or was shut down due to an error.



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This is still a problem. Cannot get this to work. Have uninstalled and resintalled and the problem persists. Tried running the following commands:

sc query epfwwfpr

Result was that the service epfwwfpr was running.

sc qc epfwwfpr

Result showed the kernel driver was set for system start and was located in the normal location

The driver for this appears to be installed but it doesn't run for some reason. This computer is setup up as a training station kiosk so I had originally thought that perhaps the software that locks it down from regular users was causing the issue even though it wasn't running when Eset was installed. I've since installed it on another one of these kiosk machines with the same lockdown software and there was no issue. Eset works perfectly on the other one.


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