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my device is locked by eset mobile security

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my device is locked and i am removed that from my anti theft! (i'm not crazy:P) but my device however locked! ( i don't know why my device have not data :|) what to do?

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* now my device can connect to internet. when i click on request code that's send but i don't recive that mail:unsure: helllllpppp

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  • ESET Moderators

There are three options for resetting your locked device password, http://support.eset.com/kb2949/

1) Email — Request an unlock code by email

2) Trusted friend — Use a trusted friend's phone to remotely reset your password

3) my.eset.com — Reset your password on my.eset.com

For your post, however, it sounds like 

1) you're not receiving the email (you're checking the email associated with the account, your gmail most likely)?

2) You may have never set a trusted friend, if you did, try this option

3) You said in your post that you can't access Anti-theft anymore

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