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Access shared files PC to Mac

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Can anyone please instruct me as to how to gain access to my shared files on a Mac using a PC?  when I first installed this software and attempted access from Mac to the hosting Mac (file storage) there was a pop up on the hosting mac asking permission to share.  Then when trying from the PC there was not a pop up and I cannot gain access to our company files.  ESET customer service cannot help "as this is outside of their scope".





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On your mac, go to System Preferences , then sharing.

Under services , check "Windows sharing"

It may ask you to enable an account for the sharing like user1

On that page it should show your mac's hostname at top and IP at bottom.


On your PC, click start > type in Run in the search field and hit enter.

Then type in your macs ip or hostname followed by the user

ex: \\\user1 or \\MyMacbook\User1


Should open an explorer window giving you your files.

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