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Eset Nod32 win 10 installation update problems

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Hello im new to Eset and like Esed Not32 but i have really a big problem.

Afther the installation it did come to the Firstscan time.

The problem is:  it look for me under windows 10 everything get blocked like pc freeze. Files scanned 0. When u wait then 10-15 min it starting the scan.

Should u force the pc to reboot before first scan then u get bigger problems. Pc start normal but the freeze come up and eset dont starting. You need to go in secure boot mode in win10 and remove eset with removal tool or it repeats all time. The most bad is u cant stop it without secure boot remove.

.While the system get mostly complete freezed eset tryt to update, but it tell me fail. Afther reopen it tells me all is uptodate?

Is this all normal?  Who knows what under this crash happen with my pc and its not a good eyecatcher when this happen. 

Did never have this problem with antiviruses.

Checked this out with 2 pcs. Same result on both.

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Firsttime scan needs to be optional and not run.  It locked up 2 of my PC's bad.  I completely reinstalled one by formatting the drive of all things.  I will have to do it to the other PC now too.  They won't get NOD32 and stay with WD.

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