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  1. They only updated the offline installer? What if I use the normal installer?
  2. Has someone at ESET been able to look at the issue, and what's causing it? Turning Windows Defender off is a very nice solution to get the computer working again for now, but probably not a satisfying permanent one.
  3. That works! Great, perfect, thanks. Setting the registry key as described above. I had to create the registry value, wasn't there. I recommend a Computer "restart", not shutdown and turning it on again. Windows 10 has some sort of quick start, but it does a complete shutdown when you press restart. It is an issue with Windows Defender. They changed something.
  4. Funny thing: being in the process of constantly reinstalling i purchased a licence of avira pro. It has got a similar issue. ? This product doesn't do an initial scan like eset. Instead, it arrives at somewhat of a standstill at the end of the installation. Here as well, explorer.exe starts freezing. It's probably not the initial scan, it's the realtime protection. This is probably bigger than eset. Something clashes with windows, most likely the latest windows defender update. As i noticed before realtime protection doesnt kick in, it shows it's not working properly.
  5. I have to say I am happy that ESET is actually replying to this thread (to the contrary of the second thread on this topic). Also I appreciate that you guys sharing your experience, which makes the error description believable. One of two things will happen: either the number complaints will rise, or Eset will resolve the issue (with or without acknowledging the issue). I sure hope that the admins in this forum realize that this is not a support question, but a development issue. Since eset 9 works a solution must be at hand.
  6. I have just provided 2 memory dumps. I have contacted @Marcos via PM. I hope this helps analyzing. Please help. 1st memory dump: Right after installation of ESET, when inital scan freezes. 2nd memory dump: At next startup, when PC is completely unusable/frozen.
  7. Out of curiosity: have any of you noticed which file is being scanned by the initial scan when the thing freezes?
  8. Tget into safe mode, shift+klicking restart also works at the login screen (if you've set a password for the computer). I am very interested to see if anyone out there will be able to provide a system dump. It requires setting the registry parameters before installing eset, and then deliberately bricking the computer by installing eset. I got this far, but pressing the keyboard combinations didn't do anything in my case , once the pc went into frozen state. IMHO Eset should be able to reproduce the freeze with the provided descriptions.
  9. Let me add something else: i watched the video again (the one i made of the freeze). The initial scan works for a very short time, a few seconds maybe. When it wants to scan the mentioned file of the dolby driver (dax2), then the trouble begins.
  10. I am kind of out of the running for providing a system dump. I tried it yesterday, prepared all the registry stuff, but after the installation of eset i couldnt create logs or dumps due to the complete freeze. i would have provided one if i were able to. As well, I am now on eset version 9, that works. I have noticed something: installation of eset worked if i did it before windows update kicked in. So i think it's an update, a driver, or a conflict with windows defender (cause an update for that is provided via windows update too). So, I got 2 solutions: quickly install eset before windows update kicks in. Or do what i currently do: use version 9 (although i have to add that using old versions might be a security risk, but for me it's better than nothing).
  11. Now that I'm on my PC again, that's the full path of the file: C:\program files\dolby\Dolby DAX2\DAX2_API\amd64\Microsoft.VC90.CRT\msvcr90.dll + 2 screenshots, how ESET behaves. BTW: Version 9 gets through the scan of the file just fine.
  12. After yet another system reinstall I chose eset version 9. That works. I suspect it's that initial automatic scan that sets in right after the installation. That messes everything up. It always gets stuck right at the beginning with the dolby dax2 driver, which btw i think is new (file: msvcr90.dll), but mandatory (windows update). It's the same every time: This file is being scanned and eset gets stuck with it. Scan cant be stopped (pressing x does not stop it), so you have to hard reset, and that I suspect breaks the system. I suspect. I just hope eset looks into the matter.
  13. Unfortunately, this system doesnt create system dumps any more, nor can eset create logs: Explorer.exe is 100% non-functional. Nothing can be downloaded, or saved, as soon as eset is installed. So, i cant give you much information on the system, except: win 10 pro german on t460 (os purchased seperately, t460 with ssd), 1st step windows update, (2nd step lenovo system update), 3rd step eset --> machine "dead". THIS TIME i havent used system update (due to your mentioned driver issues). But i cannot choose which windows updates to install. They are being installed automatically. I did make a video with my phone how the pc behaves at the installation (~6min). I dont think it would help much.
  14. As described in this post eset nod32 antivirus causes a complete freeze at every start of the computer (except safe mode) on a freshly installed windows 10 pro. Eset says in gui right after installing it, that "realtime protection" (i'm translating from German) is not fully functional (hghlighted red). Automatic initial computer scan starts, and can't be aborted: pressing the x button completely freezes windows explorer and every chance. Computer cant be shut down (freezes). At next startup, computer freezes completely. And at every following startup. My configuration: Thinkpad t460, win 10 all updates installed, drivers installed with lenovo system update, nothing else installed.
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