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In light of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, I wanted to see a filtered view or run a report of all my Windows clients that don't have the MS patch for the vulnerability.  I know the ERA Agent can detect if the OS is not up-to-date but I suspect it is just getting this info from the Windows security center and it can't determine the patch level of each machine.

Is it possible to easily see this info in ERA?

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I don't think it's possible. Plus there are several updates (I reckon different ones for certain OS) and the fix is part of rollup updates too. Haven't checked them out but the following updates are said to be related to MS-2017-0144:

KB3205409 KB3210720 KB3210721 KB3212646 KB3213986 KB4012212 KB4012213 KB4012214 KB4012215 KB4012216 KB4012217 KB4012218 KB4012220 KB4012598 KB4012606 KB4013198 KB4013389 KB4013429 KB4015217 KB4015438 KB4015546 KB4015547 KB4015548 KB4015549 KB4015550 KB4015551 KB4015552 KB4015553 KB4015554 KB4016635 KB4019213 KB4019214 KB4019215 KB4019216 KB4019263 KB4019264 KB4019472 KB4015221 KB4019474 KB4015219 KB4019473

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