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I recently noticed an ESS notification that a new device was on the network.

In my router I have IPv6 disabled.

I looked at the newly seen device and it has:



Unknown Device

Last seen: 50 minutes ago


IP address: <blank>

MAC address: 00-00-23-34-45-66

When this happened I reset my router and have not seen it again.

Does anyone know what it could be?

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As far as fe80:: addresses go, they are IPv6 link-local scope addresses. One is assigned to your local IPv6 internal network and one to the router/gateway.

Many ISP's have not fully implemented IPv6 and instead are using a hybrid setup called IPv6 Rapid Deployment tunneling i.e. 6RD. What this does is send an IPv6 packet over an existing IPv4 connection. Disabling IPv6 on your router might not have disabled 6RD activity from your router.

If you do not wish to receive IPv6 traffic on the device you are using, make sure you disable the IPv6 setting in Windows for the network adapter you are using; Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

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