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Gamer Mode and VMWare

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I'm running ESS 7.  I notice when I launch VMWare in full screen (on my 2nd monitor) that eset automatically switches into Gaming Mode.


I can see that this must be related to the setting 'Enable Gamer Mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically', even though it's on a 2nd monitor.


At the moment, it would appear as though the only two options I have available are either:


- Disable this feature completely, and only have Eset run gamer mode when I manually chose to, or

- Have gamer mode run automatically for all games, as well as VMWare instances (or any other full screen apps, such as browsers, etc).


I was wondering - is there anywhere where I can disable this function for specific applications (such as VMWare)?


I like the idea of gamer mode - but was just wondering if there's more to this than I can see - or if the above are the only two options available to me?


Thanks & Regards



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Isnt there an option on vmware to run in a borderless window at max resolution instead of full screen?

I dont think Eset has explored or implemented in depth options or customization for its gamer mode feature.

Aside from auto or manual.

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Thanks. There is an 'exclusive' mode, which kind of does what you're talking about, not sure how Eset see's that, but I could try. Problem is that you can't boot Eset into exclusive mode by default, and would need to select it manually each time, so not much different to manually assigning gaming mode on Eset. ;-)


Thanks for the suggestion - it's not a big issue, I was just wondering if there was something I missed, which appears not to be the case. Would be a handy feature though. :)

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