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  1. Description: Startup Monitor Detail: Monitor the registry, Startup folder, Services, and anywhere else where a program may try to attach itself to 'start on windows startup' and then run a function if it detects any changes. The options for configuration could be: - Allow All - Warn and Confirm - Block All (Without confirmation)... This way a user could decide whether they want to allow a program to be added to the Windows Startup. There are tonnes of various programs that try to add themselves to the Windows Startup list without asking the user first. And then there is of course malicious software as well. I have been using a small custom application to notify me everytime a program attempts to add itself to windows startup - but think that this would be a wonderful feature to include as part of Esets security features.
  2. Description: Advanced Antispam / Email Functions with Centralised communication. Detail: The ability to report emails back to a centralised database. Classifying emails as SPAM and adding a new option for PHYSHING. Database updates could be sent out include known current IP addresses of physhing websites, and email addresses of spammers and provided enhanced scanning through combined efforts of reporting, in addition to the already onboard options. (With the ability for users to opt-in or opt-out of the centralised system).
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