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Installing 3rd party applications and Installed Applications

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1) I'm currently evaluating ESET Business solution for our company and I've stumbled upon some weird restriction or I just don't know how to do it right ?

When I install software on clients, from ERA 6.5, using Run Command Task, packages that are located on client local drives, the programs install just fine,
but when I want to install software from Network share, nothing will happen. Is this not supported or are there some prerequisites I have not met yet ?

On the Network share, I've given full control to client computers, EVERYONE, Authenticated Users, still nothing.

I would NOT want to copy the packages to client computers before deploying. That sounds like 90s :)


2) On the link below, it shows that I should be able to see all installed applications on a system. I see only ESET Remote Administrator Agent and ESET Endpoint Security.

I should also see: Adobe Flash, Microsoft .NET, Notepad++, for example.

Ideas as to why I'm not seeing more than those two ESET applications ?



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1, The "Run command" client task is executed by ERA Agent which runs in the local system account and therefore does not have rights to access network drives.

2, In order to get a list of all installed applications, create or edit Agent's policy and in advanced settings enable "Report non-ESET-installed applications". Once applied on clients, agent will get a list of installed applications and report them to ERAS the next time it connects to it.

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