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  1. Hi 1) I'm currently evaluating ESET Business solution for our company and I've stumbled upon some weird restriction or I just don't know how to do it right ? When I install software on clients, from ERA 6.5, using Run Command Task, packages that are located on client local drives, the programs install just fine, but when I want to install software from Network share, nothing will happen. Is this not supported or are there some prerequisites I have not met yet ? On the Network share, I've given full control to client computers, EVERYONE, Authenticated Users, still nothing. I would NOT want to copy the packages to client computers before deploying. That sounds like 90s 2) On the link below, it shows that I should be able to see all installed applications on a system. I see only ESET Remote Administrator Agent and ESET Endpoint Security. I should also see: Adobe Flash, Microsoft .NET, Notepad++, for example. Ideas as to why I'm not seeing more than those two ESET applications ? https://youtu.be/mn44VCtz0cI?t=5m37s
  2. Hi Nowadays most larger enterprises use load-balancing, high-availability and other technologies to keep their service available. Which means that one FQDN can have multiple IP addresses. Today ESET SmartSecurity Firewall operates at a per IP basis. Blocking many IPs (more than 2-3 for example) with the same name is quite annoying. Please implement this change to firewall. If there's a correct place to suggest features, point me there. Thanks
  3. SweX: If you read the end of Patch's reply (#7), you'll see that he noted a possible solution. And I replied that "I'm looking into Patch's reply when I get home. I'm vaguely remembering that there were some settings somewhere that may control that behaviour, I'm having a problem at the moment. Between the words "behaviour" and "I'm" is a comma, not a dot. So this is all a single sentence. For some reason you picked only the part after the comma. But that doesn't matter*, because somehow the problem has resolved itself. Last 6 computer restarts, the built-in rules that re-enabled themselves before, have stayed disabled. * - English is not my native language, so we could argue about the correct placement of words, but that's not why I'm here
  4. SweX First, yes Learning mode doesn't give any notifications and the rules that I "approved" were added all after I turned on Policy-based mode, by me, since the list created by Learning mode was very short and didn't cover much of anything I'm using. Second, Learning mode did not create exceptions for all of my programs I used daily for all of that time, just had some system rules. Third, read the whole sentence. In addition to Patch's comment regarding IDS and advanced options, this didn't help.
  5. I'm having problems with session timeout. I'm browsing different posts or writing a bit longer reply and I have to log in again. Seems to be very short and random. I got logged out by the time I finished writing this post the last three times. Next time I logged in front page, browsed to General Discussion thread and I was already logged out. Next time I logged in, I got logged out right after I entered password. Paste does not work. Not with Ctrl+V nor with the three icons in reply box toolbar. And since paste doesn't work, I had to write this all over again. Using IE11 on Windows 8.1
  6. Learning mode expiration was strictly 14 days some years ago, you can adjust it now or reset the Learning mode period. As to rule list. I'm quite sure that the list has nothing there that I haven't approved. If someone can say for sure that it is possible to insert hidden rules by some exploit, I will look into reseting the whole thing. It took me ALOT of time to create the list of rules, so I don't really want to reset it just to experiment. I'm looking into Patch's reply when I get home. I'm vaguely remembering that there were some settings somewhere that may control that behaviour, I'm having a problem at the moment. To SweX: While Learning mode is designed to automatically add necessary rules, it had only about 5 rules. When I turned on the Policy-based mode, I increased the list by alot.
  7. I had it on Learning mode over half a year I think. Hoped it would learn my most used stuff and add them to firewall rules list, but it didn't. So I turned it to Policy-basec mode now and added everything I needed myself. I don't see how this affects my problematic builtin ESET rules turning back on after restart though.
  8. Hello.. new member here I'm using Smart Security 7 solution. For a long time I had my ffirewall filtering policy in Learning mode. Yesterday I thought that it's time to up the security a bit and go for a more strict firewall setting. I switched to Policy-based mode. After half a day fine-tuning my firewall, adding exceptions to allow stuff that I use, I was quite satisfied with the result. But after I restarted my computer, some rules that are prepackaged, which you can turn off, but not delete (not that I wanted), will switch back on and mess up my configuration. This is very annoying, since the exceptions that I've made, are still blocked by Block all unknown outbound traffic in Administrator mode rule. First, the rules I have added are not unknown and second, if I turn off a setting, it should stay off. Other rules that I prefer would stay off are: Block outgoing multicast DNS requests Block outgoing SSDP (UPNP) requests from svchost.exe I would much rather like a solution for this instead of somebody saying that's how it works.
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