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False positive?

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So Nod32 keeps denying me access to this website claiming it's infected with a JS/Agent.NGY trojan, but it seem I'm the only one who gets this warning. Everyone else says their antivirus doesn't ping at all. I know the site got hacked a while ago but the owner says it's been sorted. I also tried a few online scanners and most of them say the site is clean. But 2 scanners claim it contains the same NGY trojan Nod32 finds.

So is it a false positive, or am I the only one who has a good antivirus installed?

The site in question is: forum. 2astro. dk (the dots are part of the URL)


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The website is infected. A malicious reference to the js file /fpdb/jquery.effects.scale.min.js was injected in the html code.

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