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Forum password problems

Carl S

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I'm finding that the last few times I have tried to log in the forum does not recognize my password.  I am forced to reset my password every time.  I change it, save it locally on my computer, and the next time I try to log into the forum, it says it is wrong.  I am cutting and pasting, so I know it is right.  I have tried multiple browsers with the same result.  Anyone else experiencing this?  I've resorted to just resetting my password each time I return here.

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No, no other web sites have this problem, only this forum, but I tried it with multiple browsers and computers, all had the same problem.  I have since changed authorization to use Facebook to login.  I don't have this problem with it, (although I really didn't want to connect using Facebook.)  It was only when using email and password that I have the problem. 

Before using the Facebook login, I was having to reset my password each time I returned to the Eset forum site.

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2 hours ago, Bahmang said:

I changed to a new PC & trying to use my ESET user/pass for new PC but it is not accepting it... The old PC is not working anymore... Any idea?!?

First of all, we kindly ask you to not hijack someone else's topic. Moreover, this topic is unrelated to your issue. You should have created a new topic in the forum for the ESET product that you have purchased.

Anyways, you don't use a username/password to update ESET. Instead, after installation you enter your license key to activate it. If your license has already expired, please contact your local ESET distributor or seller.

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