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DESlock+ Client 4.8.15 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.8.0 have been released

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DESlock+ Client 4.8.15 * and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.8.0 have been released and are available to download.

DESlock Client 4.8.15 *

* UPDATE: DESlock Client version 4.8.16 is now available as a service release

  • Improved: Full Disk Encryption has been optimized. This is a general performance improvement and shows the greatest gains with SSD storage.
  • Improved: Initial start-up decryption of Full Disk Encrypted Legacy/MBR (non-UEFI) systems has been improved. This is most noticeable when resuming from Hibernate.
  • Added: New Self Enrollment support. Requires Enterprise Server 2.8. (Enterprise Client only, for more information see https://support.deslock.com/KB417)
  • Fixed: Pre-Boot Authentication (Bootloader) was not being updated when upgrading. This affected Full Disk Encrypted workstations running Windows 10 which had Secure Boot enabled. This affected versions 4.8.3 onwards.
  • Updated: Product branding. (DESlock Encryption by ESET)
  • Improved: Localization updates for Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish and Polish languages.
  • Added: Korean translations.

DESlock Enterprise Server 2.8.0

  • Added: Security group filter to Active Directory Import.
  • Added: ES Direct support. (see https://support.deslock.com/KB417)
  • Improved: Modified Active Directory import to support very long Distinguished Name attributes.
  • Added: Timeout to SQL restore process because on some systems it could become stuck restoring.
  • Fixed: Prevented error performing FDE operations on users after an upgrade.
  • Fixed: Discarded workstation recovery information if the information is too small to be valid.
  • Fixed: Potential service crash that could occur processing malformed client status.
  • Fixed: Potential problem managing licenses after upgrading from 2.5.5 or earlier.
  • Added: Korean translations.

Support Resources

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