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Anti-theft - device is always offline

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I tried to enable anti-theft function on my android phone (Xperia Z3 dual).

Everything seems to be configured properly, but when I mark device as missing nothing happens. On anti-theft.eset.com web page I see: 'It looks like the device is currently offline'. Of course it is connected to the internet, I can surf web pages, other internet applications work properly. One time yesterday, when I ran the test option, after few hours my phone was localized, but it was when I launched eset mobile configuration. What should I do?

Localization on myxperia.sonymobile.com works perfectly.

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  • ESET Staff


portal online/offline state is based on receiving data from device withing some time range.

So if it doesn't receive any location, picture etc in that range, it's evaluated as offline state.



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