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Stand-alone AV Cleaning Tools Comparative


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Put to the test for 12 months: This is how well security packages and special tools help after an attack
First comes the malware attack, then the chaos in recovering the data. But it doesn't have to be that way. In an endurance test, AV-TEST discovered which security packages and special tools really help. Here are the results of the 15 good and mediocre applications.


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Look at how bad the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool (or shall I say, ignore tool) does in the above image....
That's why I disabled it from ever being installed.......to do this.....save this as a TXT file and rename the extension to.reg then merge it with your registry:
Disable Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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For what it is worth, MSRT was never designed to detect all malware. It will only detect select most prevalent strains; many of them worm based.

The AV-Test comparative was run on Win 7. Microsoft just updated MSRT on Win 10 to include PUA detection; again only for the most prevalent strains.

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