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Outlook Issue


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Outlook is getting trouble after installing the new ESET Endpoint Security. After the installation and once update is completed, all of my office pc outlook are not showing any new mails there after. But when I search with the email id it is showing the new email as unread and location as Inbox. But when I select the inbox it is not visible and seems to be hidden.

I am not sure this is because of the outlook or ESET. All I know this is happened right after I installed the new licensed Antivirus.

I request you to kindly provide a solution for this.


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Hi Jabz

We've seen this happen a lot, and if you search the forum you'll see that it happens to others. For us, it affects probably 10% - 20% of our installs.

The solution is to simply delete and recreate the mail profile (Control Panel, Mail, profiles, delete the profile). Outlook will then start to work correctly again.



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