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savtstfc01 fail to start virus


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I have a call 1-888...number virus reappearing on my computer despite using an updated version of ESET.  Here is the message I get:

Malaware Alert

support.microsoft-com 1710. download says:

Warning: Hyper Manager!!!

An error occured while attempting to change the state of virtual machine savtstfc01.

'savtstfc01' fail to start Emulated IDE Controller (Instance ID

(83F8638B-8DCA-4152-9EDA-2CA8B33039B4)): Failed to power on with Error 'Generl access denied error'

etc...and call +1 888 ....

Please help with cleaning this virus.

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The url does not seem to work any more. It was one of several thousands scam domains that scare you by throwing fake errors and that lure money from you for fake support.

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