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Nod32 10.0.390.0 Only?


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Hi to all.

I use firefox for internet.

I have the antivirus Nod32 10.0.390.0

The question is: Do i need anything else for web browsing protection?

I mean: Do i need any extra protection like addons or malwarebytes or.....?

P.S. I personally like to stick only with nod32.

Any ideas-advice-suggestions are welcome.


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Saviour,

Short answer: yes, add-ons or other AV software= your call.

Log Answer:

You have with ESET NOD32 Antivirus the basic protections, as many people will tell you there is other threats you need to stop with other "modules" or "defenses". An intelligent personal firewall like the one from ESET is needed (product ESET Internet Security).

If you use a laptop and moves with you in the outside world, the anti-theft feature will be highly suggested (ESET Smart Security Premium). The other 2 features of ESSP is for who go beyond the normal level near paranoic or sensible data (talking of Cipher and Password Manager features).

In the case you use smartphone, laptop, tablet, mac, perhaps you should consider ESET Multi-device Security

You can find a nice comparative of features in ESET products here:


More in details here:


You ask for my opinion, any cost or budget is not counting here. :)

Bottom line: as your next step, the personal firewall.

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Thank you for your reply.

Actually i bought the Eset internet security 10 for 2 years license, i have it for a year or more. I was thinking to renew the license BUT......

The firewall is causing problems so i needed to uninstall it and i installed ''neat'' the antivirus without the firewall using the same key.

I really dont know if its eset or microsoft fault.

I use the Eset internet security 10 firewall always on interactive mode because i always like to have full control on everything on my desktop.

But i had some problems that i fixed, esetis has blocked camera,search,voice recorder but i found the solution, so i gave to it one more chance BUT again it starts to behave strangely.

Also: example: It seems that firewall on interactive mode, its not ''understand'' that he must ask about permission when i start diablo 3 so i need first to set it on learning mode then back to interactive mode.

Everytime i start or restart the pc the Eset internet security 10 screen opens. Not the splash screen, splash screen is disable.

I talk i about the main screen, view the attachment. Its from nod32 but you will understand what i mean.

I have the specific problem only with Internet security 10 installed, i dont have this or any other problems with nod32 antivirus.

My OS Windows 10 pro 64bit.

Ok lets refresh the questions: In case that we ''fixed'' all the problems with Eset internet security 10 are we full covered for web browsing?

( I\we never had any problems all this years using eset on many computers, maybe is eset version 10 fault, maybe is windows 10 fault. The question is which 10 is bad? Win or Eset?


P.S. For bad or good i like eset and i always recommended it to friends and clients, i installed it to many computers (i am an old school technician and gamer) i hope that no one will face any problems because it will look that is my fault.




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I used to run the Eset firewall in Interactive mode but eventually abandoned that mode after upgrading to Win 10. There is just too much internal outbound traffic from Win 10 without "borking" something necessary with an outbound firewall rule.

If Win 10's telemetry is a concern, most of that can be disabled either directly or by using a third party product such as OOSU10.

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''Ok lets refresh the questions: In case that we ''fixed'' all the problems with Eset internet security 10 are we fully covered for web browsing?''

Or we still need more?

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  • ESET Staff

The answer is "no", you have all. :)

The splash screen on the beginning shouldn't happening, perhaps you found a bug.

The firewall in "interactive" mode should have the same behavior as others mode, you can always create a rule for the program manually and see if change something.

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Thank you GA!! :)

I uninstall\reinstall esetis 10 and i let it on automatic mode, so far so good.

I will wait for few days for results,for programs that i will like to block i will create an in\out both block rule.


This guy here has the same problem with the me, i mean the GUI open on every start or restart.


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