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qtipr.com infection


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Hi.. Has anyone had dealings with qtip.com?  It keeps attaching itself to my Firefox address and redirecting me to its dodgy site.  I've just upgraded to ESET security hoping to get rid of it but its still here.  When I remove the added text from the address it starts up ok for a bit then re adds itself....  I cant find any added programs in my system that may be running this.  Appreciate any suggestions.


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Ensure PUA detection is enabled in Eset. Then run an Eset scan and see if it detects anything. If it doesn't detect anything, then you can try the solution posted below. 

Qtipr.com is a browser hijacker that is bundled with other free software that you download off of the Internet. Once installed it will set the homepage and search engine for any installed browsers to http://qtipr.com without your permission.

Malwaretips.com has a guide on how it can be removed here: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-qtipr-com/


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Have your checked the Firefox's shortcut? The Target line may have been affected. My Chrome was also affected by this infection and I've deleted it from PC. I googled and followed the manual guide in this post: (hxxp://www.okpckit.com/how-to-remove-qtipr-com-from-browsers-completely/) and delete the threat from my Chrome's shortcut. As my problem was solved, I didn't use any security tools as mentioned in it and don't know if they help.

Thus, you can try the steps below to fix the issue:

Locate to Firefox browser shortcut on the desktop or the taskbar. Right click on it and select Properties.

In the Shortcut tab, check the Target editable field. If Qtipr.com or other strange URLs are found there, delete them and then click on OK button.

Hope this works. Good luck.

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It's a typical browser hijacker and you can easily remove it manually by yourself using this removal guide https://malwareless.com/qtipr-com-redirect-virus-how-to-remove/ .

1. Restore your browser's default settings

2. Clean your browser shortcuts from malicious entries

3. Clean your Windows registry (optional)

This should help you


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According to antivirus experts, the Qtipr.com Pop-Up Virus malware has been classified as an browser hijacker and not a virus. It causes indirect harm to the user. It might seem that this looks harmless, however, the advertisements may look harmless, but eventually you may click on a non-regulated advertisement that will lead you to additional crapware being installed in your computer.

So you need to remove this infection as soon as possible, simply apply the malware removal guide( hxxp://www.keepbrowsersafe.com) and make your system malware free.

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