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  1. In order to repair your InDesign file you should first apply some manual tricks and after applying them if you still unable to open file then apply a professional InDesign Repair tool.With the help of a professional InDesign repair tool you can easily deal with any type of corruption issue.
  2. Are you suffering from low PC performance, go to control panel and check what process are in running condition. Open task manager and click on the “process” tab. Here you will see that (WMI Provider Host) wmiprvse.exe CPU usage is high and is more that 30%. Remove this useless process from the task manager, it is little difficult so check out the complete guide to get rid of this problem. Visit Steps to Fix wmiprvse.exe High CPU Usage
  3. DLL i.e. Dynamic Link Library files are used to run any application on the windows. If any DLL file gets corrupted or faulty then all the related application programs will also get faulty and whenever you run these applications then it start displaying dll related errors. To fix NoD32 4.0 apply any dll error repair tool and make your computer fast.