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  1. Oh you meant the NOD32 8.0 Live Installer which is an EXE file? oh okay. The installation process is the same as the MSI file or change something? I know the live installer download the antivirus from Internet and the MSI don't require Internet connection, what I don't understand very well is why ESET is offering the offline installer in MSI and the Live Installer in EXE? For what reason they don't offer both installers in an EXE file? Just wondering... why
  2. Hi, Sorry I don't understand very well your recommendation. You recommend me to run Live installer to run msi files with administrator rights? Please, could you tell me how may I do that? should I install something or download something? Regarding what is happening in my system, it's clear something happen in certain configurations that stop to install the msi files, so I think I should provide my system information to the ESET engineers, so they can make the install process more easily to the users. I'm willing to help, but no one from ESET contacted me before. Please, let me know about that thing of the Live Installer? what should I do ? Cheers UAC is activated right now. I had it always activated except when I was trying to install the msi files, I disabled the UAC a few minutes just for testing purposes, but yes, right now is completely activated. UAC is very necessary to maintain the PC safe.
  3. Well, after doing tests for 4 hours, trying to uninstall NOD32 8.0 or 7.0 is impossible it gives, the DLL error and the only way to remove it is using the ESETUninstall utility. Regarding the installation, it's impossible by doing double click on the MSI file, the only way is the one I described before, with administrator rights on the command line and typing msiexec /i eav_nt64_esl.msi This happen in 2 computers, I tested this in 3. The third one, can install the MSI file perfectly. Seems to be there is a miss configuration or particular scenario in which the MSI file fails, and this scenerio happen under normal Windows configurations, because the problem is happening in two of my computers. This is the farthest I can reach to try to solve the issue. Due this problem is a global problem, I think it's important someone from ESET contact me to recover information from my computer and help ESET to identify the problem. At this point I want to clarify I have the antivirus installed and working, so it's not a help for me. What I mean is this problem is affecting to more people... and I think ESET should recover information from my system to understand why this is happening... Actually with the 360 Total Security running out there and offering for free a lot of virus search engines from many antiviruses like Avira o Bitdefender, I think the actual situation (just an opinion) shouldn't complicate the installation / uninstall process to the curious user that want to install the software... so I think ESET should solve this problem soon. Just my two cents about this.
  4. Yes, I am prompted and even I tried the set the UAC off so any program would be able to make changes without having to ask for permissions. No effect. The msi file don't run, because it has no administrator rights. Today I have installed sucessfully NOD32 8.0 using the command line, and doing what I said, executing CMD with administrator rights and typing msiexec /i eav_nt64_esl.msi I have 5 computers at home. I tried with 3. In 2 computers I have this problem with the msi file, the DLL problem because the msi file don't run with administrator rights. In the 3rd computer, I don't have this problem, and I am able to install the msi file just doing double click. Hence, we have a problem that happen in certain computers and affect the ESET NOD32 installations. If I have this problem in 2 computers from 3, then it's clear more people wordlwide is having this problem and they simply cannot install NOD32... So the problem I think is affecting right now ESET, because not all people have the skills to type those commands, many people just browse the ESET website and want to download the installer and install it in a few clicks. When those users get the error, they are discouraged and try other antivirus... I think it's urgent ESET solve this. What I have in mind right now is how can we make a snapshot from my system? so ESET technicians can find for what reason is happening this here, what cause the problem and solve it? A question, what function do the file callmsi.exe ? does it has any relationship with the install / uninstall process? perhaps giving this file administrator rights we could solve the uninstall process without having to restart in safe mode and using the ESETUninstaller... (that is the test I will do tonight)
  5. Hello I did not understand very well what you want me to do with this folder... I guess you mean exactly the temp folder? C:\Users\x\AppData\Local\Temp Well, the temp folder is not empty and other programs have information inside, if I delete it, for sure I'll botch something... I've been taking a look to the permisions in that folder, and it has write and read permissions... I am administrator in my system... So I really don't know what's going on here? Finally, after reading that article you told me, THANKS GOD, I was able to start the installer (after a whole day suffering)... seems to be the problem are msi files cannot be given administrator rights, and then, in some computers they cannot be installed or uninstalled by doing double click, they need administrator rights. I'm wondering why ESET don't use EXEs like many people do? Anyway... I think is necessary to find a solution to make the installer start, without having to type special commands... because not all people have that patience, and having a lot of free antiviruses online or even the windows defender, I guess many frustrated users would uninstall the NOD32 and go to other free solution. I think it's necessary we find a solution for this, not having to type any special command. What I did to make the installer start was the following... 1. Move the mouse to the right corner in Windows 8.1, I see the menu, then I click on Search 2. I type CMD and then I see the icon of the system symbol... 3. With my mouse I did right click over it, and then, run as administrator 4. Now, with the black window of the system symbol, I entered in the antivirus folder where I have the msi file... 5. There, I typed msiexec /i eav_nt64_esl.msi 6. After doing this, the installer started normally... Well, it's clear this is something about permissions... and it is clear this is happening in some computers and other computers don't have this problem... because I took the same msi file to other computer, just for testing purposes, and I was able to start the installer just doing double click... So, please, tell me how can we fix the permissions thing over this particular file, the msi file to fix this? Cheers
  6. I am having a lot of problems to install or uninstall ESET NOD32 7.0 or 8.0 version. I always get the same error, a Windows Installer error, asking me for a DLL and NOD is not offering me any kind of information about what kind of DLL is this? where to find it? or how to solve the problem? The result is, I cannot install the antivirus or even I cannot uninstall it. Please, see the screenshot here, this is the error I get: hxxp://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p110/mrmister001/errornod32-7.jpg You'll see it in Spanish, because I am in Spain, but what it says is: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. When I tried to uninstall NOD32 7.0 I got that error. I had to suffer a lot to remove the NOD32 7.0 having to restart the computer in safe mode and using the ESET Removal tool... (ESET Uninstaller)... finally I got rid out all these problems and... then I had my system clean without NOD32 7.0 Then I decided to install NOD32 8.0... Again the same problem !!! There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. This is very frustraing, seems to be I have problems uninstalling or reinstalling... and I suspect this happen because ESET provide the installers in MSI and don't give EXEs like many people do... Do we have a solution for this? I am using NOD32 since the version 3.0... but sadly, since the version 7.0 we are having so much problems that I am considering to use a free utility such as Panda Cloud or Windows Defender and not suffering these problems anymore... unless there is an easy solution to install and uninstall the software without having to lose hours and hours... Any idea about how to solve this? Cheers
  7. Hello We are desperate with this. We have an old computer that normally was used to print labels, but finally, we have will use it also to browse the internet sometimes. This computer has a demo of NOD32 4.0 installed. Now, we want to purchase the newest version of NOD32 but the problem is we cannot do this, because we cannot remove NOD32 4.0 When we try to remove it, it says that there is an error with the Windows Installer and it needs a DLL, hence, cannot uninstall it. Well I think it has already the DLL but the error message says it cannot run this DLL. It doesn't specify what kind of DLL? or what kind of error? It says that occured an error with a Windows Installer package, that a DLL library was not able to run as a part of this installation, and that I ask for technical support. Our NOD32 4.0 is in spanish, I know this is an english forum but I am attaching you a screenshot, so perhaps you could have any clue about what is happening here? How can we remove it? Thanks
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