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NOD32 V10 - Initial Scan goes through the same directory multiple times


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This morning I installed NOD32 V10 over V9 on a Windows 10 system with all available updates installed.  I let the initial scan run to completion, watching the paths of the files it was scanning.  And I noticed that in several cases the same directory was scanned multiple times, an apparent bug.  NOD32 is treating links to directories as if they were the actual directory.

The four paths

C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\Documents
C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\My Documents
C:\Users\myusername\My Documents

to the same directory each resulted in scanning all of the files in that directory four times, as did the two paths

C:\Documents and Settings\myusername

result in all of the files in that directory being scanned at least twice.

The "Documents and Settings" and "My Documents" are links to other directories on the same drive, and each of those only needs to be scanned once.  Similarly, other paths which are links to directories on the same drive should be skipped.

Scanning these directories multiple times resulted, of course, in the initial scan taking much longer than necessary.


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I could definitely confirm this behavior on my PC so fixing this in the next updates should make the on-demand scan more efficient than it is right now. The initial scan takes a lot longer just because of this.

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