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Anti Theft - Test is Running ... And Running, and Running...

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Just enabled the anti theft service on my new laptop, created a phantom account, ran the test.

The test seems to be stuck as it keeps running and running, for hours now...


Any help would be appreciated.



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99% certain I did, but don't remember.

That being said, there does not seem to be a way to stop the test. It's still running.

Even deleting the phantom account and the laptop and then adding everything back did not solve anything. The test just gets stuck in "still running"

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Hello Peter,

The test is completed, and I could see the report on the ESET portal. However, the pop-up window asking me if I allow ESET to run the test will only pop up after few hours, not within 30 mins. 

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Dear team, 

The anti-theft test has been running for 14 hours and it hasn't been done yet.  

My device name: Fujitsu Lifebook A series, model: AH530, windows 7 ultimate. 

My email address: malek.azar@yahoo.com 


Thank you very much for your consideration. 


Best regards,

Malek Azar

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