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ecls.exe is slow

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I'm using Eset NOD32 Business Edition 4.2 and wondering why an analysis with ecls.exe take several seconds whereas real time protection (or eshell) works immediately.

I've made several tests :

  • eicar.txt

  • test.eml with an eicar.txt attached

  • test.zip with an eicar.txt inside

  • test.zip with an test.eml inside


Every time I launch an analysis with ecls.exe, it takes several seconds.

I've even tried to disable all advanced mecanisms :

ecls.exe /no-ads /no-boots /no-mailbox /no-heur /no-adv-heur eicar.eml


But same result: analysis still take more than 3s :-(

[ According to ProcessMonitor, time is spent in antivirus (ekrn.exe). ]



I've also tried with Eset file security and I got the same results with ecls.exe

However, I notice analysis of .eml or .zip was immediate with eShell ; like real time protection (file.open)

And eicar is correctly detected as a threat.

However, there is no output detailing if a threat was detected and was is the virus name.

I'm not sure how to get that information after analysis.


Could you help me understand :

- Why ecls.exe analysis is so slow ? Even without heuristics.

- How can I query eShell to get analysis result

- Is there any other mean (API…) to drive the analysis of file with ESET antivirus and to get details about the detected threat?


Thank you

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V4.2 is way too old. The latest version is Endpoint v6.4 for business users.

I assume that scans with ecls are actually fast, however, loading modules takes several seconds. It is normal as all modules need to be loaded and only the engine itself is ~50 MB in size.

Please elaborate more what you would like to achieve and why you mind the little delay when ecmd is started.

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I've tried with the lastest Eset file security and I have the same issue (with ecls.exe command line). So product version is not really the issue here.

I need speed because the user is waiting a server response from the web interface when the file is uploaded.

Uploaded files are stored on an UNC path and can include extensions like .zip. Therefore RealTimeProtection isn’t enough.

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We don't have a scanner for quickly scanning uploaded files nor incoming emails on a server. Such use of the scanner would be also against EULA.

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I'm sorry to hear Eset is unable to do a quick file analysis, even for a professionnal solution.

Do you confirm I have no other option with any Eset product ?

Thank you for your help.

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